CBCT 3D Imaging

CBCT 3D Imaging

When you come in for a visit, we aim to provide the best, most accurate and most thorough diagnosis possible — and with recent breakthroughs in leading technology, we can. Previously, we were limited to a two dimensional view and low resolution x-rays, which made it harder to detect problems. The CBCT has changed that, making your diagnosis more precise and more accurate than ever before.

The Cone Beam Computed Tomography is a 3-in-1 scanning system that is a cutting-edge alternative to the traditional CT scan and an incredible improvement on the traditional x-ray. It allows our team at Broadway Dental to take digital panoramic images of the mouth as well as 3D images which allow for more accuracy and efficiency in monitoring growth and diagnosing problems. The digital images capture a thorough view of the entire mouth from every angle, making implant therapy more predictable. Dr. Doshi can then create an implant guide to see just how much bone there is to work with for placing your new implant or implant-supported denture. With the knowledge and precision provided by CBCT, we can treat more complex cases in-house without the need to refer out. This means you can stick with the team you already know and trust!

Feel free to ask us any questions about our in-office imaging systems during your visit.

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